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story. there's a reason they don't want you to know. now let's break the set. international it's nine pm here in moscow tonight the humanitarian ceasefire collapses in gaza just a couple of hours after it was declared that israel launching new strikes which are planned the lives of up to thirty palestinians we hear what it's like to be caught in the hail of bombs. which is contradictory images from ukraine show kiev falsified evidence of weapons facilities close to the crash site of downed flight m.h. seventy. small so they get largest have a shipment of hellfire missiles to help the iraqi government which has lost control of vast oil fields to jihadists. and america's n.s.a. moved to protect its own most sensitive data specifically its former directors
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salary the activists accuse of making money out of state secrets. i've just joined us my name is kevin though in very good company this is our top story the three day humanitarian ceasefire between israel and hamas has collapsed barely two hours after it began israeli launch strikes killed up to thirty palestinians in the first few hours of the agreed troops independent journalist true came under fire as she contacted us to describe what she was going through. my job down south since the community called it as we are rights they had already started there was a heavy bombardment of chairman fire coming from israel in gaza in that area
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meanwhile families had been trying to access homes to pull out corpses that have been rotting back to several days the stench is unbearable there are also rotten animals that have been laid just on the roads which could cause a problem in the future in terms of disease the situation here it's become almost bearable meanwhile we have a potential crisis here fuel crisis which is affecting electricity delivery of water and sewage and that's really the next drama on the horizon people in gaza because the hospitals are going to be running out of electricity in the next four to five days and meanwhile as i said the problem is going to become a humanitarian disaster disease spreading through these very crowded communities so really not only are the gazan people on attack at the moment but the same time they are facing possible disease. troubles in the future going to hospitals to treat their wounded it's. true they will the protective edge offensive has become israel's bloodiest operation in recent years now with more than fourteen hundred
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palestinians killed as well as sixty three israelis that number even exceeds the casualties from the tories cast lead operation that took place at the end of two thousand and eight the current conflict is seeing social media used to the much too giving a platform for palestinians to report on what's going on near their homes and. sixteen year old fellow baker a palestinian girl who's already enjoyed three israeli offensive on twitter she's been sharing the night which have become a daily reality for her she's going photos of followers because of those posts and those posts have been picked up by will media too we managed to speak to have father in. gaza hospital he told us the horrors you see each day work. this is not a war this is a must not a war is something is it perfect between two equal almost equal forces people come with this if you're injured with diminished but is torn apart it's been totally beyond we saw in many many cases with the with the c.v. it is it is but what's in the mix you said very few when you see
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a choice was lost his mother has a brother as well as a brother is his body is disabled he can live up to it will live with this they will take it all with him i don't imagine. that amidst seeing the distinct appointing you i have a friend over the last thirty three of it but i've got his. tin tin of his funds i mean he just went to. freeing them or spend he came back and that office where to diminish his house totally. well conflict to gaza seem people across the globe in protest against the killing of palestinians by israel one such rallies taking place right now in london pollard boy because they're in fact high poly what's the turnout behind you there. that it was such a photo could crowd here outside the railing embassy and learned that if they take
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a look behind me you can see that it's not just who was there that i'm out to support the palestinian cause you can see they're not that different ethnicities and i can see a great for us italy a lot of charts that morning fare free palestine and see israeli slogans being shouted very good but it's still here in central london and one of the protest organizers on the stage was just saying that he doesn't agree with the british government selling arms to israel saying that he thinks that they're complicit in some way in that violence by doing so that they don't agree with their countries for. in policy and in the way that they support israel save them and at least you get a sense of just how angry this crowd of people is and how angry the pro palestinian community is especially after that failed ceasefire this morning. german rule
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feeling amongst the british public about the ongoing conflict. we are growing on me the moment members of parliament save the situation in gaza that are pressing and want to see a more robust stance from david cameron over the situation that now but the tensions are running high across the board with the media the press one his ankle last week. from impartiality and issued a very emotional appeal for the children and us that we had a town hall in east london and raised a palestinian flag a local authority here in london before it was taken down and you get that the sense that people just have been so shocked by the images they've seen of the humanitarian crisis going on in only inside the gaza strip now you do see the proof
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palestinian community here but london also has a very big jewish population and there have been pro-choice rallies take place in london as well at the beginning of the conflicts we had much more of it to base and there were a lot more pro israeli commentators willing to defend israelis israel stands however now that with the more kids we've seen come out from gaza with shelled children and that so many civilian civilian casualties you get the sense that it's that debate is somewhat tied down and perhaps people find it more difficult to support the israeli side in this conflict so it's just a lot of condemnation of what's going on in gaza but the statistics also say that there's been. a surge in anti semitic attacks in the u.k. of attacks against the jewish population say certainly a lot of polarized opinions tensions raised very high despite the fact that we're several thousand miles away from where the violence is taking place ok hala thanks
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for the update there from. antiwar protests behind you in london. next the latest ukrainian army air raid on lugansk has killed at least five people into the dozens of victims in the past few days ganske and donetsk are the two largest cities in the east there on the map there and the currently the center is still of antigovernment resistance both are being blockaded by care which is struggling to take control over the regions together because be left without power while food and water are rapidly running out and there's no let up for civilians from the daily heavy artillery shelling and bombing exhausted from living in a war zone residents say they just one piece. oh. probably yes yes just them in your below. was enough for us.
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if we start to walk or you can see your kids when they were out here we do not talk to you would be modeled on the watches he says sure that we would. know the developments nato has confirmed ukraine's been using short range ballistic missiles against self defense forces in the east is according to a report by the german news channel doug chevelle or. indeed it was said as well two days ago to buy c.n.n. news channel which referred to its sources in the pentagon care vostro gently denies using those weapons in the east such missiles are able to carry a large payload and can inflict huge destruction deep into enemy lines. and the sanctions of kicked in designed to punish russia's financial energy and defense sectors over the events in ukraine european lawmakers of made it nearly impossible for the companies on its list to seek funding or shop for technologies in europe from now on the sanctioned financial institutions including russia's largest bank well now that access to funding from e.u. markets of the loan is for more than ninety days when it comes to defense and
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energy companies on the list no longer get the most advanced you were quitman for at least the next three months after that european leaders will decide whether to go on with the measures. but for now business is in the west are particularly happy it seems of the way politicians are trying to solve the ukrainian prices the c.e.o. of the world's largest chemical company b.s.f. and germany's got doubts about the efficiency of sanctions and comment too from the executive vice president of the u.s. chamber of commerce who said on two printers a concern that the measures could have a boomerang effect we also spoke to the president of the association of italian businesses in russia who told us that sanctions come with a price for those imposing them. the turnover between europe and russia is around five hundred billion dollars it's a lot between you know this the us and the russian literary shoes ten times less. is the second. country in terms of the norm of the russian federation and the second investor so we have more than fifty years of friendly relation with russia
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we cannot destroy them and let me say i don't think that they have the impact of the section would be hundreds of billions of dollars on the on the russian federation i think that that the impact could be mainly on their four hundred forty thousand dollars per billion sort or beyond the european union economy that's for sure when a father just in some reaction just coming in from the top or russia president putin's called the extension of sanctions counterproductive probably discuss the situation with president obama who both concluded that the current state of affairs suits neither moscow nor washington. well this latest punitive measure heaped on russia follows the downing of malaysian flight m h seventeen of course a fortnight ago it's still unclear exactly what caused the plane to crash killing all two hundred ninety eight on board russia was first to provide some evidence into what may have happened releasing satellite images purporting to show the deployment of ukrainian anti-aircraft batteries around the crash site but kiev
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cleared the images were fabricated and released their own photos russia's defense ministry now says kiev's evidence is fake. explains why. well actually to put it bluntly they're saying that everything that ukraine has presented as evidence is to put it simply is a lie and here is why first of all we're looking at a group of images that show a different time and date why they were presented as evidence by ukraine is completely clear secondly there is a group of images which bears a date that was falsified and that could be proven by detailed analysis of weather conditions on that particular location on that date finally there is a third cover of images which according to ministry of defense show that they have been doctored or altered to digitally obviously played with by the ukrainian side on top of that ukrainians have alleged that they have images which supposedly show the movement of russia's military machinery across the border and now minister of defense says that the quality of images does not really allowed to make that
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statement first of all they do not have a date stamp or it is impossible to say where and when those images were taken because they did not have the geographical coordinates on them and none of the images show a road that crosses the border and therefore his view is unsubstantiated claims that the traps were made by russian military simply did not hold up to scrutiny on top of that the image quality is really poor and therefore it is impossible to say whether those tire tracks are indeed from a military vehicle and not for example from something else and of course it is even less awful to say that those vehicles actually do belong to russia thereby the minister of defense says that all of it is that was presented by ukraine simply does not bear up to scrutiny really reporting that this is a national abuse continues after this quick break. i marinate in the finest moment. to moment cannot stop
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only take credit. in life. and they're. all talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports. but no i will leave the state park comment on your. secure car as i'm going to talk you know i. think you know more weasel. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you. get ready for. freedom of speech. and the freedom to.
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get the u.s. is planning its largest have a shipment of health missiles to iraq which is desperate fighting with al qaeda linked militants the missiles which are able to inflict huge destruction come a significant price tag one hundred thousand dollars the move comes as radicals already snatch large swathes of land in the northwest of the country declared an islamic caliphate on the occupied territories they control rich regions and the well trained troops pose a significant threat to the iraqi army and could annex than explaining the dangers of america's exports. a record size shipment of hellfire missiles to the iraqi government from the us is in the works the u.s. state department is reported to have approved and the pentagon is in the process of
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preparing to send over five thousand a.g.m. one fourteen type and our missiles and related parts to iraq the cost of this deal is estimated at a whopping seven hundred million dollars american aerospace giant lockheed martin is the prime contractor for the production and supply of these hellfire missiles this comes as the iraqi government continues the fight against isis the islamist militants al qaeda affiliated group who have been reading in the west and north of the country the iraq military is reported to have used up about three hundred hellfire missiles this june and a previous delivery of an additional eight hundred missiles had already been approved to be sent over to this latest large planned shipment is in addition to the missiles that had already been sent over by the u.s. according to a pentagon press release on this issue the missile directly supports the government of iraq and serves the interests of the people of iraq and the united states it also says that iraq will use the hellfire missile to help improve the iraq security forces capability to support current ongoing ground operations we now know human
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rights groups have been critical of the use of missiles since they have reportedly been fired at residential neighborhoods and cities where isis has been present specifically human rights watch has called on the u.s. to not send weapons to iraq until baghdad acts in accordance with international law and r.t. . however the american initiative to supply such powerful weapons may bring about even more problems in the past militants. seizing dozens of u.s. supplied how it says the fourth machine guns to their arsenal plus fifteen hundred homes these that the iraqis did so it's a real fear the missiles know could end up in the hands of the extremists too. thinks the dealers are the ones who will benefit most from the shipment of the. it's five thousand missiles these are important unishe and they could be have a devastating impact on the battlefield it's good for u.s.
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arms manufacturers and puts the u.s. back in a position of perhaps a strategic significance in competition with iran with the central government in iraq will it change the equation on the battlefield we don't know that if we step back and look at what's really happened since two thousand and three the united states because of its military intervention in iraq fractured the country and fractured it along at their sectarian lines of finance shiite militias that are playing at sunni militias that financed the kurds the u.s. as a matter of policy for three years has funneled arms and weapons to arm the so-called islamic extremists in syria and have now brack should serious the u.s. is trying to get back into iraq to have a decisive impact but it's a divide and rule and strategy that we've seen unfold in both syria and in iraq. the beheading of a filipino construction worker and the gang rape of a has led the philippines to urgently evacuate thirteen thousand of its citizens from libya governments worldwide to telling people to leave the region which was
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plunged into chaos after the two thousand and eleven revolution on thursday militias declared libya's second largest city and islamic emirate after they forced the army out of the area in heavy fighting using rockets in the capital tripoli meantime at least one hundred people have been killed now in the past couple of weeks that's led some nations to shut their embassies in the country political analysts who can chandan explains what happened to a once thriving state. ground was laid for the situation by nato and its allied forces on the ground throughout twenty twenty eleven and for many too often to be a mama gadhafi made it very clear during the twenty eleven that if you want to turn libya into a country with lawlessness and no no central governance like somalia off gonna stand it cetera the nato and its allies are doing the right thing since october twenty levon when the foreman john maria there is no national government there is no national army or national police force it's plain for all to see that the nato project failed but that's to assume that nato attended to bring any type of
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stability to libya they have been made to put you in this mess i'm going to remain putting you in this mess at such as the lawlessness in libya that libyan oil production is not even a third of what it was in the foreseeable future it looks highly unlikely they'll be any stability let alone democracy in libya. russia's popular blog is not need to watch their online language a controversial new law has come into effect we'll tell you all about that on our website called what the ramifications could be also from as to how far would you go to get your hands on how one seems adults in the u.k. allegedly exchanged human body parts for whiskey. right the sea. search string. and i would think that your. recorders. can still.
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be in the. america's national security agency is being sued for refusing to reveal its former director reportedly has a lucrative sideline as a private consultant with millions of dollars but activists claims cashing in on state secrets is going to explode. the agency that eroded the meaning of privacy and indiscriminately peered into the lives of millions of citizens around the world is suddenly subscribing to protecting personal information but only if that person happens to be the former director of the national security agency keith alexander the n.s.a. work uses to release the financial disclosures of the four star general who according to reports is currently raking in some one million dollars a month for his cyber security consulting services this has raised ethical
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questions and concerns that the former spy chief may be selling high level security secrets and classified information for a lucrative paycheck misusing classified information for profit is a federal felony critics say the only thing alexander has to offer potential clients is the state secrets he knows investigative journalist jason leopold is now suing the spy agency for the release of alexander's documents arguing they're being withheld unlawfully experts say alexander's financial disclosures can only be suppressed by the u.s. president this is just the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against the n.s.a. since former contractor edward snowden revealed the agency's global surveillance programs and while washington is still struggling to regain trust with americans and allies around the world the man who spearheaded the indiscriminate spy programs remains protected and profitable. r.t.
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new york. is also notably absent from the stage of what's going to be the world's largest computer security convention security research acosta knoll believes the n.s.a. can see to work out its main objectives. the appearance of peace alexander conference last year was very well remembered as their only talent to have. bridged the gap between what they are doing in computer security and what everybody publicly sings day should be doing and that attempt was a complete failure we stand for freedom. not then. no. one was why you're not right i haven't lied to congress and he seems to have a conflict being attended to in on the one hand collecting information and stealing secrets elsewhere and on the eyes and protecting american companies and dominican
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government from oz's doing it to them and that second pot is what everybody wants to see more action and ironically he's alexander who started up out of the n.s.a. and the mole is put out for trying to help companies protect themselves. we'll do some brief and i will go back to iraq for a first story car bombs going off in a busy commercial street in baghdad that killed six people needed more than a dozen others iraq seen an upsurge in violence and sunni militants seize cities in the north west over seventeen hundred people mostly civilians were killed in the country just last month. better the world health organization says the deadly ebola virus is spreading faster than the efforts to contain it the w.h.o. and the west african countries hit hardest by the disease and are planning a one hundred million dollar response to try to contain it more than seven hundred people have died so far and what's been described as the worst of all the break in
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history easily spread disease kills up to ninety percent of those affected if it's not treated early enough. rescuers say the chances of finding any more survivors from wednesday's landslide that engulfed an entire village in western india. sixty three bodies have been discovered so far and dozens remain missing but weather is hampering emergency crews efforts eight people were pulled out alive in the first few hours but no survivors have been found since. the news that fingertips twenty four seven r.t. talked home after the break here abby martin weighs in on the latest deadly israeli palestinian conflict in the latest edition breaking.
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sometimes i am baffled by the closed little world that a lot of people in the mainstream media must live in they seem shocked and appalled at the fact that around forty percent of the weapons supplied to afghanistan have gone missing let's ignore the fact that while americans are going broke the u.s. must rebuild the afghan military and think for just a second what would happen if you said a lot of weapons into a. country in dire economic suffering i'm sure you've heard reports that say that afghan farmers could only make a living off of poppy crops because they just have no other resort so if you throw a bunch of guns and ammo into the hands of people who have the career choices of poppies or starvation yeah that someone might be willing to sell some bullets to get by also we shouldn't forget that every government on earth has people in it working for their old self interests or others interests it is totally naive to think that every person involved in the process of transferring weapons will be loyal to the afghan government which seems to have been put in place by a certain hyper power who remain nameless in short if you find this story shocking then you really need to get off the couch and see how the world really works but
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that's just my opinion. we. are live.
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with. what's happening i'm not in martin and this is breaking the set tonight we have a very special show for you and featuring an exclusive debate between two very prominent jewish voices with very different perspectives on the israel palestine. flecked without further ado let's break the side. of the bleep please take and leave very hard to take the title. when you have had sex with the other three there are those. that believe. in. such. a lovely
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little play. little sleep. it's been over three weeks since the start of operation protective that the latest military offensive launched by israel against the gaza strip to date the bombing campaign and subsequent invasion has resulted in the deaths of one thousand four hundred thirty two palestinians the vast majority of which are civilians including three hundred twenty seven children and one hundred sixty six women according to the gaza health ministry on the israeli's side as many as fifty six i.d.f. soldiers and the reasons elian's i've also been killed according to reuters the situation on the ground is changing by the minute and these numbers reflect only the latest at the time of this broadcast as the casualties continue to mount and a series of.


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